2013.12.22 - Birthday

Birthday party

This update's overwhelming and ever-so-important event is - of course - my birthday !! Seeing that it fell on a Sunday we found the day well suited for an open house to celebrate our combined 83rd birthday with our friends. Cakes were baked and bought, beer, wine and soft drinks were hand-carried from the supermarket, movies were prepared for the kids .... we were pretty organised. And due to this unusual foresight from our side, we had a lovely afternoon with about 30 friend and their kids (the kids were left with Madagascar III in the bed room which worked out well for everybody).

Ready for the party

There wasn't room for 83 lights, so we had to make do with just me and 42.

The MacMillans and Pekas getting ready to leave - with large families this is not a 5-minute deal ! The Erkuls hung around for a bit longer for some quality time together ... it's difficult to get around to everybody when the house is full.

A few days ago we had our department year-end dinner. As we are sitting in the same office as Piping and Painting, we invited them along as well. And so it was that 17 people ate 17kg of crabs and lobster! We may not go out much with work, but when we do it we do it in style!

7 kilos - 2 crabs and one lobster. Difficult to make out what are crab legs and what is unsafe wiring in the background!

Now that we are talking about parties - this weekend was the orphanage X-mas party at the club house. Paula and I went down there for a short while (after all it's not our party) and there was no mistaking that the kids were having a good time.

The kids had prepared their own entertainment at the karaoke session. About 90 kids were entertained by a magician, karaoke, games, balloon artist and Santa (of course)

We also had our first snow of the season here in Ulsan. Biking has been cold but good - the trails have opened up and we have already discovered some new rides. It's just a little more difficult to get my friends out on the wheels when it's sub-zero degrees.

Håvard on the last bit of uphill before reaching the pagoda at the top of Mount Muryong. It's a steep climb but well worth the effort. It was even snowing slightly at the top. We found the downhill course then lost it again and had to walk the last bit down to the road - waaay to steep. Then - on the continuation across the road - Håvard cracked the rear derailleur hanger and had to hide the bike in the woods and run the remaining 6km back to Nammok before he could get hold of a taxi!


It's christmas, so here is the Nielsen's X-mas greetings: MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!

And by popular demand: