2010.11.28 - X-mas carols

X-mas and Winter ... the full package!

So this week it all of a sudden turned winter. We now have only 2 or 3 degrees Celsius in the morning when I drive to Busan. And with the wind chill factor we can definitely feel the winter right around the corner. The trees which have been so pretty these last two weeks are finally giving up and now look rather sad. During the day it's still nice and sunny with up to 15 degrees, so it's still much better than a Scandinavian winter. Or summer, for that matter!

Winter view from our apartment - HHI shipyard.

To the other side

This week ? Crazy with work once again. Nothing much happening in the evenings besides crashing in the couch after arriving home. Paula has been busy with her friends and one day Marlene came over with their dog Luna, to see how she would get on with Peo. They left Peo on the balcony and let Luna check out the apartment. No problem with Luna ..... it didn't take her long to fell at home and start cleaning up Peo's food and water !!! Well, the little food that Peo leaves on her plate from time to time just to let us know which bowl to put more food in. She is driving us mad with her appetite - waking us up in the wee hours because she's hungry.

But back to the subject. The two babies didn't really hit it off but they didn't get into a fight either. I think it went as well as we could have hoped for. Hopefully they can become friends, as it will make the baby-sitting much easier.

Luna checking out Peo through the window.

Saturday we drove down to Busan where the Norwegian community were organizing a Norwegian X-mas mass. They had flown in a Norwegian priest just for this (this and some 10 other masses in Asia). The kids had prepared a few songs and plays and didn't wait long before they got dressed up in their shepherds gowns and what not.

The kids had been practicing for a while at school, I think.

Some were more into it than others....

There are loads of musical talent in the Norwegian community. I dare not think what it would sound like if there was a Danish community here!

Nalini in her Hanbok. She had left her voice at home though...

Andreas and Sophia

Quite a few families had turned up - but we were the only ones from Ulsan.

Carols .....funny how the Norwegians take perfectly good Danish carrols and twist them around so us Danes hardly recognize them again !!!

Santa was there, of course

Which made the kids happy!

Paula tried to get us to pose, not knowing that Santa was leaving the room at that same moment. That's tough competition ....

Judging from the havoc, the kids had a lot of fun !

It was good fun to see all these blond kids getting into the Christmas spirit. It made me feel a little closer to Scandinavia. And the cakes and cookies ...... Nice!

After teh X-mas gathering we drove downtown to Lotte Department store for a bit of Christmas shopping (seeing that we were already in the spirit) and then .... Back to the couch.

Hordes of people waiting for the Aqua show in Lotte. We were just there for a Cold Stone ice cream but got the show as an added bonus

Our neighbor in the traffic jam wasn't going to miss the Asia Games Women's Volleyball semi final on TV just because she was driving!

Today Sunday has been a bit quiet as well. First we gave a lift to one of my now ex-colleagues who was going back to his home country and then I went for a good bike ride. Andreas had planned to come up for a ride from Busan, but the flu which has been going around paid them a visit during the night, it appears. So I went alone and was able to tire myself well and truly out in only two hours. I was hoping to do the full round without pausing, but I guess my physical state has deteriorated somewhat, as I needed a few breaks to reel in my tongue!! On the way back I was cruising along on what appeared to be an easy stretch of path when all of a sudden 33 miners appeared somewhere near my front wheel. Well, actually right below it. I didn't see them myself as the leaves were covering whatever was down there, but I did feel the tremendous hole they had dug. My front wheel disappeared and me and my rear wheel lifted off. I managed to continue for another 10 seconds on only one wheel (the front wheel which in the miraculously had reappeared) before finally coming off balance and flew the last little bit over the handle bar. It was pretty comical and I am glad there was nobody there to film it!

In the late afternoon Jamie and Colin came over to inspect our apartment. They have been avoiding us for months now (well, Colin did join us for lunch on Thursday), claiming they have been busy with holidays, travels and other similar illnesses (don't mind me - I'm just jealous). I think they approved of the apartment - at least Colin enjoyed the view - and after a while we went down to Mari Pasta for dinner.

Jamie and Colin already feel at home in our apartment, as you can see!

Auntie It