2011.07.30 - Friends and family

Crabbing !


It has officially been summer some time now, but we haven't really noticed it. It's been raining and raining with a little sunshine in between. We have been trying to make as many BBQs with friends as we could, and this has from time to time resulted in some rather wet experiences. But it had to be done ! We were able to hook up with Robert and Diana and their little baby son Sixten one evening at their house. Robert is hanging on to his youth as long as he can - training and doing ½-ironmen - but he knows that it is a loosing battle with the increasing family at home. We had a nice dinner and then went down to the shore promenade for one of the many free concerts taking place in Malmö in summer. This time it was one of the sun-downer concerts; timed perfectly with the setting of the sun behind Öresund and Denmark.

Robert in the middle of an apple pie.

Diana, Robert and Paula at the sundowner concert. Sixten is hiding somewhere ...

Turning Torso at dusk

I have also attempted to get back on the bike after my ankle injury earlier this year. But the weather has not been kind and given me many reasons to pull out. I was out a couple of times - one time in the evening with Robert, where I ran into a heavy puncture 4 km into the ride. I was secretly pleased with that as it gave me a chance to catch my breath! Need to get back into an exercise regime soon ...

We caught up with Tom, Noelia and Nicolás, Heini and Spencer, Linda and Jonas, Jackie, Tue and Sebastian in Sweden. We have not spent enough time in Copenhagen this time around - in fact it only amounted to one visit for a beer and a Thai dinner with my old study-mate Anders. Must make a note of that for next time ...

Brunch at our place - Linda, Jonas, Jackie, Tue, Noelia and Paula

Nicolás and Sebastian were building up a friendship but then Nicolás lost coordination for a few seconds and they had their first (fist)fight!! No - just kidding!!!

The proud mothers

International food fair in Malmö

Paula checking out some handmade craft

Goodbye-fika at Kafferösteriet

Tue and Sebastian

My sister Inge came to Denmark for 10 days at the end of the month. They rented a summer cottage close to my parents house on Fyn, so we joined them for a few days with the family. For some reason we were reasonable lucky with the weather ... don't ask me how that happened. But we enjoyed it and tried to get the best out of what we got. I went swimming two times with Tamas - my sister Merete and my niece Lea also jumped in. It was a little chilly at first but once in it was manageable. But we couldn't convince any of the others of that! While we were swimming the others were deeply occupied by crabbing. Both kids and adults took this activity very serious and there were daily crab counts and summaries to see how the days had gone. Imagine if the Danish shores were visited by as many fish as crabs ..... but as it is, I didn't see even one fish the two days we were there!

Miklos ready to pull a big one up.

The parents were at least as into the crabbing as the kids. Maybe even more ....

But at least some of the adults had other interests.

Merete and Lea joined us on Day 2

Stand-down ....

This was the sight that met the poor crabs as they were pulled out of the water!

Miklos and Sofie just LOVED the grandparent's allotment garden, so they convinced all of us to go there and look for raspberries. We weren't disappointed - neither by the raspberries, the carrots, the squash or the ice creams we bought at the Marina in Bogense afterwards!

Big homegrown squash

Time for a drink and a rest

Calendar Girls !

Lea and Merete and a bit of mother/daughter cuddling ....

... while Sofie did some auntie-bonding with Paula

Back in the summer cottage we sat down for one huge meal after the next - only interrupted by a few garden games or hide and seek with the kids. It was a good time, but soon we had to leave again, as our suitcases were waiting for us in Malmö ....... a new adventure was awaiting us in Norway!

Together for a monster lunch. we don't get together (all of us) that often, so it is really nice when it happens.

Petanque - Inge definitely had the most spectacular technique

The kids didn't really want to play ball, but when others started to play, it all of a sudden became much more attractive!

Jesper and Silas came to Bro on our second day there to complete the family outing.

Lea posing

My sisters and me - and Miklos