December 30th 2007 - Turkey

December 30th 2007

Christmas Korean style

So what is a Korean style Christmas ??? Well, we don't really know ! The part we have seen involves sporadic plastic Christmas trees and a few dancing Santas ! There's not a whole lot of Christmas atmosphere here, as you might have guessed. Even though there are tonnes of churches around us, we really haven't seen much Christmas'ing ! We haven't done much ourselves. We decorated the house on the 24th, as we were having friends over for turkey in the evening. I was working in the afternoon, so it was a bit of a challenge to both build ships and roast turkey, but with the help of Paula, it all worked out. We are still eating turkey, by the way - 5 kilos of turkey was more than we could devour in one go ! We had a good night with our friends and managed to give it a little feel of Christmas, even though we were far from our families.

As many of our friends are away on holiday, this week has been another quiet one. Work has been tough, as for every day that passes, it resembles a kindergarten more and more. What the yard is able to offer in terms of organization and quality at the moment, is very far from what we expect. It is very frustrating to work in this manner, but at least I know that my situation will improve when my colleague Carlos returns from holiday in 3 weeks. But poor him ! I am doing his work now, and as you can hear it is no joy.

Life in Korea is still good though. Outside work, that is. Today we went for a drive around town and even though we didn't do much today, we made great plans for when ever we feel more active !! If ever !

Christmas dinner with Violet and Henning

Our apartment with X-mas lights and decorations. Peo was a little confused by all the blinky blinky!

Ulsan College has been expanding and now have a new sports complex. 5 clay indoor tennis courts is just down my alley !

Below the tennis courts we found a new ice rink. Will have to go pretend we are Bambi !

I seem to have a few problems with my web host. These last two weeks I haven't been able to add photos bigger than what you see above .. bummer. I will fix it as soon as Google gets their act together !

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