2012.10.26 - Abuela

Abuela RIP

On October 26th we experienced a terrible loss when Paula's grandmother passed away. We reluctantly had to say our goodbyes to this fantastic woman halfway around the world. Adriana, Abuela, Nana was hit by a stroke one week earlier and we were torn between going to Chile to be with her or staying here and follow from a distance. In the end we decided to stay put as Abuela wasn't responsive at any time between the accident and her passing away.

Needless to say, this has been two very sad and difficult weeks for us. But we are certain that Nana is in a good place with those she has been missing for so long.

Goodbye and rest in peace - we love you forever....

Abuela the traveller - here (mostly) in Malmö, Sweden

Abuela the party animal

Abuela the traveller II - here in Sweden

Abuela in Rengo

Abuela the traveller III - in Sweden and Holland

Abuela on the farms

Abuela the traveller IV - here in Denmark

Abuela ... we will miss you.