July 13th 2008 - Sabine

July 13th 2008

Peo's yearly bath

Today has been a very confusing day for Peo ! First we force her into the bath tub, then we make her all wet and furious and cover her in foul-tasting white foam. As if that wasn't enough, when she finally has licked herself dry and forgiven us, we make her leave her home and take her for a walk OUTSIDE !!! She is now completely exhausted by all these horrible things we made her do today ....

Peo in front of the AC !


I am NOT happy ... !

And then they make me leave my comfy home ..

The week has been pretty hot and humid and both Peo and Paula have been melting away during the day. When I come home in the late afternoon I scoop them up from the floor and put them in the freezer a few hours ... then we are good again! The humidity is high and we have had a few drops of rain from time to time. Nothing that really clears the air though. Paula has taken up painting again and has moved on to doing landscapes. It looks pretty darn good, if you ask me !

Here the car gets dirty when it rains. There's so much sand in the air.

Friday evening we went out with Kossmann, Ingo and his girlfriend Sabine, who is visiting for 10 days. We went to the seafood BBQ restaurant at Ilsan beach - because it is nice and because it is a bit special for somebody coming from Europe. Kossmann and Ingo work with the yard as well, so I must admit that we talked a little bit too much about work ! There are just too many good stories to tell from this yard!

Yesterday I hooked up with Travis for a mountain bike ride. He is the first person to have found us on our new web site. He was pretty happy to meet other MTB riders and was well pleased by the ride. The climbs took their toll though and I think he got a good nights sleep Saturday night !

Today has been pretty slow. The heat takes away most of the initiative, so we just went for lunch at the japanese restaurant in Hyundai Department store and a game of squash in the late afternoon. I was working all day yesterday so I was happy to take a breather before the storm ... delivery and gas trial next week !

Foot massage path ahead !

The old Malmö Kockums crane as seen from our rooftop.

Paula at the squash court.

Hyundai Offshore "launching" another ship in front of our apartment.