September 7th 2008 - Munzu

September 7th 2008

Munzu Stadium

First of all I have to apologize for last weeks entry. You might have read between the lines (NOT) and understood that we were lazier than month-old vegetables, but that we were lazy to the extent that we didn't upload any photos ... well, that's just a disgrace !! I apologize sincerely and hope that this lethargy will never descend upon us again !

So to start off this week, I will post some photos from last week:

Freshy dried fish, anybody ?? From Paula's trip to Busan

Paula and Susana at Nampo-dong market in Busan

Stephanie, Pau and a new french girl, Nayima, in Busan

Paula Capone and Marilyn Corleone smoking it up last weekend !!!

This week we have seen a slow increase of activity in the house-of-p's. There is still a long way to go, but at least we are slowly awakening from our deep summer sleep with the same speed as the temperature is dropping (ie. slowly!). Today we had 30-something during day and at night it usually drops down close to 20°C. So not exactly cold.

I spent over 16 of my 40 weekly work hours in a car this past week. This was the accumulated travel time from 3 work days. 2 trips to Busan and one to Geoje Island. Our new subcontractors are further and further away. To get to the geoje subcontractor we first have to drive 2 hours, then be lucky to not have just missed the ferry (we weren't !), sail for 45 minutes and drive for 40 minutes. The subcontractor picks us up from the ferry and drops us off again. I have lived on many islands, so I am familiar with the ferry rush. But this was still one of the memorable ones !! Of course we didn't have much time (one is ALWAYS late for the ferry - it is one of the physical laws that define the universe) and our driver was a little shaky behind the wheel !!! His idea of hurrying was to drive FASTER than 30 km/h ... mind you, I was glad he didn't push his old car any further, because as it was we already had more than a few life threatening situations !! But he got us there and was mighty proud of it... I was just glad to get out of the car !

In Hyundai city even the bricks are Hyundai bricks !!

Korea is at it's best right now. Everything is sooo green, the rice is still not harvested and with all the rain we have had, the hills are really pretty. This is a photo of one of the zillion small valleys we find all over the country.

Paula had some of her girlfriends over for tea one afternoon. It couldn't have been half-bad, because they were still here when I came back from work. They were making secret plans it seemed, so I just hid behind the computer and pretended not to listen !!

Today we went out to Munzu Stadium to go for a short walk. Munzu was build for the 2002 Soccer World Cup and is a very nice area with a little lake and attractive sports facilities. Back home again I went out for a MTB ride and afterwards we went to play squash. So now my legs feel squashed ...

Paula at a new Vietnamese restaurant we tried out for lunch. It was not bad at all !

At Munzu Stadium.

Paula was well impressed by the facilities for disabled.

Who's winning ?!!?

Julie and Stephanie at the painting lessons

One of Paula's creations