2014.03.30 - Latin party

Latin party and Yeompo MTB race

Back from holidays and the spring we felt in Denmark followed us here. Peo had missed us sorely:

See the resemblance ... Peo - Tiger ??!?

Friday last week was party time. The latinos in Ulsan had put together a compound party and sold 200 tickets. Needless to say, you don't need 200 people for a latin party - I reckon get two latinos together and you have a party! Paula and I are not big party-goers but for one night we shook the dust off. I danced all night and woke up without a sore head but with sore legs!

Amanda and Sonja danced Cumbia

Saturday Paula and I went first to downtown for some serious alco-shopping. The selection is just better downtown and as Paula never goes there with the girls, we take a trip there every two months or so to stock up. Also had to hand in my broken I-Pad for repair, but the shop was closed. With the car (new car by the way - bright red Kia Sportage - full of beer and wine, we drove up to Seokguram cave parking lot near GyeongJu. From there a steep 1,5km walk up to Tohamsan mountain. It was a really nice walk up to the peak and nice to get away from the crowds down by the parking lot. The weather was beautiful, so we sat and enjoyed the view for a while. Back at the car we decided to explore some of the small mountain roads. Unfortunately I turned off the main road a bit too early and we ended up driving down a beautiful tiny road towards the valley when we had wanted to end up at the coast instead. And that is the reason why we spent 1,5 hours in the traffic jam and arrived half an hour late for Agnieszka and Michal's dinner invitation. Legs even more tired - although in better shape than Michal's, who still had swollen legs from his Maldives sun burn.

Sunday morning a bike ride with Web, Derrick, Dan, Richie and Jarrod. Legs were well and truly spent after that!. It was like my second ride in two months and after two vacations, so the danish pastries were still not burnt off.

In the afternoon Alison and Jerry had their pour-out at the club house. They aren't going far though .... just down to Geoje island where they will have a house with a garden !!!! (you will have to have lived in Ulsan to appreciate that).

Derrick and Sheryl - she is around 8 months pregnant .... must be a really small baby!

Wednesday we were back downtown to pick up an un-fixed IPad and go for dinner at De Maris - one of the largest buffets I have ever seen. But not the best :-(

Thursday night ride in preparation for the race on Sunday. I was still very unfit and feared for how I would fare ... On the positive side I was very pleased with my new light - Gloworm X1. Friday dinner at Bela Moti with Pheobe and Mike.


Saturday it was raining so we got hold of Agnieszka and Michal and headed for the screen golf centre. It was fun ! Although I am not so sure that Michal and Paula thought so. But still a good way to waste away a few hours in the rain.

Sunday and race day. It was wet after a full day of rain (Saturday). Our start was delayed but 12:30 we raced off up the hill. With 100 people in my start group (out of 1000 participants) I got up to the start of the singletrack in the best half. This was good as passing on singletracks is near impossible. Normally people should let you pass when you shout pass, but that doesn't always work here. Anyway, the mud and slippery conditions helped me get rid of a few competitors ... they fell like flies in the corners ! Great fun!! No traction on the uphills, so less fun. After the first 10-15 minutes the field had spread out quite a bit and there were less riders obstructing me. I am slower on the uphill than the Koreans but much faster on the downhill. A bit annoying as I often get stuck behind slower riders on the really good parts. Today was not so bad though, as we all had to walk up the steepest hills together. The last 500m I did get stuck behind someone and as he didn't let me pass I made a hazardous move and went off off-road to get past him. Went great - got past, but then an electrical mast was in my way and I went over the handle bars and head first into it ! It was a big crash (in front of several spectators), but no damage done. Nothing broken but my pride.

All in all it was great fun and a good excuse to play in the mud ! I got in just a few minutes over one hour, so pretty pleased with my effort considering not being fit at all at the moment.