2013.02.25 - Hanbok and Mara

Hanbok catwalk and Mara's pull-out

This week Paula and the girls went downtown to the SkyRex building to try on Hanboks. The hanbok is the traditional Korean dress and our agent had arranged a few hours of explanation and hands-on.

AnneLin and Randi Korean Style !



Paula and Donna

Dawn and Donna

In the evening I went for a night MTB ride. My buddy Leif is back from vacations, so I expect to up the game to two rides per week.

Wednesday Paula and I went for dinner with one of the paint suppliers and another Owner's representative, Davor. As always I refused to go for another Korean BBQ, so we ended up in the Japanese restaurant in the Hyundai Hotel, where we had a great evening with even better food (i.e. lots of raw fish!). Thursday Paula went to Busan with the girls for shopping. This time they went to Nampo-dong where Paula to her great disappointment saw that our favourite ice cream parlour Cold Stone was no longer there. Sad ....

Squash in the evening with Serhoy and Mr. Oh.

Friday we went down to the clubhouse for a cooking class. Or, Paula went for the cooking class and I went for a beer with Michal. The cooking class is arranged as a fund raiser for the orphanage, but I am just too tired to be attentive on a Friday evening!

Saturday morning another MTB ride before joining Mara's pull-out/pour-out at the clubhouse. This was the year's first BBQ and although it became quite chilly as soon as the sun went down, spring was still in the air. It's not exactly here yet, but we can feel it around the corner. And we look forward to it's arrival !

Leif looking out over Nammok

The MacMillans

Torrin wasn't going to let go of his grapes ! Eventually I managed to get one away from him!

Dave sporting a new (hair)cut

These Scotsmen got it all wrong ....

Bye Mara and family - have a good life in China.

After the BBQ we went home and spent the evening baking and making yoghurt. I had decided to make my first white sour dough bread. I need a little more experience with out oven ! Not that the bread didn't turn out as I wanted it, but I hadn't expected that it would take 1 hour to bake it !

Sunday - well, I guess I did technically bake the bread Sunday morning, but after that it was tennis with Konstyantyn, then Die Hard 5 with Agniezska and Michal (really really bad movie) and the evening ended at The Golden Eagles on Ilsan Beach, where the Full Moon party bonfire was lit at 7pm.