October 21st 2007 - Live Music

October 21st 2007

Live Music !

Well, this is one of these weeks that just went by without leaving much of a mark. I know I worked late one day (Friday), as we had to weigh a ship ??!! This is done by walking through all rooms in the ship and estimating the weight of all items missing and all items that will be taken off the ship before delivery. When all is accounted for, the draught marks (the numbers on the side of the ship showing "how deep it floats", to put it simple) are read, and the weight can then be calculated. Of course we have to do this with the ship relatively empty of workers and their tools, so it's an evening job.

I also spent time trying to fix a virus infected computer for one of my colleagues. I never thought of myself as a computer expert, but out here I am starting to function as one ! Let's cross our fingers that we will experience no serious trouble ! I have also played a little squash with Jay at the old foreigners compound. This is becoming a regular thing, with one or two games a week. Saturday night was rocking at the old foreigners compound ! H.A.I.L. - the foreigners homegrown band - was giving one of their rare concerts. As I understand it, they play at the opening and at the closure of the swimming pool, this of course being the closure. It is always good to hear some live music, even though the crowd was a little difficult to warm up on the first cold day of autumn. It has gone from 22 degrees to 12 overnight, so the girls were caught by surprise! We made it an early night and although I had great plans to watch the Springboks claim the World Cup trophy, I quickly decided it wasn't going to happen, when I heard the alarm go off at 4 am. Not that much of a rugby fan!

Today, Sunday, we went over to Ole and Renata where we quickly sorted out the world situation (and fixed his computer!). Ole has worked in Africa, so when we get started on our favorite subject, nothing can hold us back ! Paula and I had plans to go for a short walk in the sunshine (God has switched off the air con again) but instead we stayed in and watched "The Painted Vail" - good movie, by the way.

Before going to the concert, Ole, Renata Paula and I went to our favorite Korean restaurant.

Korean barbecue wit a mixed platter of meat and seafood.

And I got to be the one who pulled the snails from their shells !

Kim, Vitalic, Ole, Paula, Renata and Sergei warming up to for the concert.

The band were up against some hard odds ... supporting England (everybody knew the Springboks would win !!!), playing on the first cold day of autumn and a in the vicinity of a bar with ridiculous cheap beer !

But still they managed to win people over and the party got going about midway into the concert.

Even Tina and Renata got on the dance floor, but less would also have been unimaginable !

Check out a short video from the concert below.

Make sure to turn up the volume !