2012.08.26 - Swimming

At the pool side

Summer season ... which means trying to lie low due to the heat and humidity. We haven't been doing much these days except chilling at the pool or at Ilsan beach, perfecting my golf swing at the driving range and hanging out with friends. Been for a couple of bike rides but the heat is taking it's toll - today we went for 4 hours and I was totally worn out for the rest of the day.

Paula has been busy as most of her friends are back from their vacations and her courses are starting up again.

Paula's latest work. Peo is a little intimidated !

At work .... it's crazy as usual, as the ship will float for the first time in 5 days and the Yard is behind schedule - due to the rain they claim. Now a typhoon is coming our way, so that doesn't help. Will be a busy week.

I'll let the photos speak for themselves:

After 4 years in Ulsan we finally went for a swim at Ilsan Beach. Our first and last - prefer cleaner water !

So we have been going to the pool instead

I think a bit of time on the machine (behind me) could help my swing, but I am afraid of getting entangled !

So here's the result.... very stiff

And not always straight !

We went for a drink with Agnieszka and Michael one night. Another festival was on, so it was quite busy

Ended off with a trip to the baseball cage - Michael's first

Paula sometimes cannot help being artistic !

Jamie came back from vacations and brought me Biltong !!! Yummy

Smoked and hanged - and then melted on my tongue.

Paula and our neighbour Cheryl leaving our apartment block on yet another rainy day. There have been many

Saturday Paula had planned a BBQ but cancelled due to forecasted bad weather (it has rained much more than usual). Instead we met up for a drink at the club house and guess what ?? the weather was perfect !

Lilia, Agnieszka and Paula. Rolf, Robert, Michael, Rober and Rune at the men's table