September 14th 2008 - Chuseok

September 14th 2008

Korean Thanksgiving

Just to start, let me show you a few photos from last week. They are from my trip to Geoje Island and I had to transfer them from my work camera - hence the delay.

Peder on the ferry to Geoje

OK - it's hard to see, but half of this mountain has already been dug away. You might even see a tiny speck on it, which would then be one of the escavators. In Korea they are always moving mountains !!!

The ferry ride is a good break for the drivers

A bridge is now being built from Busan to Geoje

The ferry

On Geoje Island you apparently have to lock your umbrella ! Strange for such a safe country ...

This weekend Ulsan, and probably all Korea, is a ghost town. Korea is celebrating their thanksgiving, which is the big go-to-your-hometown holiday in Korea. When we go out on the street we hardly see another person. I suspect that the few people who have stayed in Ulsan are away for the day on picnics in the mountains. I also imagine that Ulsan is particularly dead during Chuseok compared to other Korean towns because of the quick expansion of the town. Few people originate from Ulsan - most have come here for work only.

As it happened, we have had Friday off and will be off tomorrow. We weren't told that the yard wouldn't be working Friday until the day before, so Paula and I had not made any specific plans for the holidays. It is very typical for the organization at the yard - the fact that we don't know what is going on. I don't think anybody know what is going on .... ! Things just sort of happen ! Very unlike the bigger shipyards which are very well organized. Anyway, one extra day off makes a huge difference and had we known it earlier, we would have made arrangements to go somewhere. Now we just stay here in Ulsan (traffic outside the city will be horrible) and relax, go to the pool, play squash, go mountain biking and watch movies. If I am not well rested after this holiday, then I have a serious problem !!

Our yoga teacher, Minjoo and Paula.

Even the pool was completely empty today

Paula cooling down

... and chilling out !

Ingo had a little accident early on ... a flat tyre.

At The Skull !

The viewpoint near The Skull

The trails are getting a little overgrown with all the rain we have had.

We picked a bad trail to get down the mountain. It was too rocky and with many difficult water crossings.