2014.05.04 - Latin BBQ

10th wedding anniversary and Latin BBQ

April 24th 2004 was a happy day and 10 years later we continue to be happy together. The day was celebrated with a trip to Seonbawi - the standing rock in Taehwa river, followed by wine shopping in Lotte and a fantastic dinner at Cafe la Nuit. This was a revelation ... fine dining in Ulsan. Who would have believed that ?!?!

Next day we had Norwegian dinner at the clubhouse. My colleagues cooked up a traditional Norwegian christmas dinner in April ....

Saturday we had a BBQ at J-Block together with the Latin mob. A perfect afternoon below the pink petals.

Sunday second bike ride of the weekend, then to the movies with Trygve and the kids. We had 11 riders on our Sunday mountain bike ride. I think that is a record high. Another first was Bart's fractured collarbone. I think that is the first broken bone.

Monday Trygve and I played squash for the first time in almost one year - that was the rest of the week gone. I was so sore!

Friday we had Bart, Mike and Pheobe over for Mike and Phoebe's last day in Korea. Got rid of our gin and schnapps and swapped it for a good hangover next morning. We had a fun evening though and Mike and Phoebe managed to make their 7am pickup next morning. It has been fun having them here in Ulsan even though it was only a short stint (one year). Mike definitely made me a better mountain biker (trying to keep up, I had no choice but to get better). Good mate - he even let me beat him on some of the uphills!

Next morning I was struggling. It wasn't so much the bike ride with Web at Mauna Ocean Resort as the car ride there. Queazy !

Today ... another bike ride - this time with Michal. Then lunch at Urban Lounge in old downtown. This place is new to us but it probably wont be our last visit. I had a huge cranberry chicken sandwich and paula a squid ink mozzarella tomato panini. Delish!

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