2011.03.27 - Singapore

Paula in Singapore - Peder working

So this week (and the previous) has been all about work. Except for Paula, who was in Singapore.

I will just put up a few photos and let them tell the story. For the next month my work schedule is as follows:

April 2-4 Sea Trial

April 5 Double namegiving

April 6 Namegiving

April 8-10 Sea Trial

April 15 Delivery

April 16-18 Sea Trial

April 25 Delivery

April 29 Delivery

Bye bye Korea

Please don't be surprised if there will be no update of this web page in April .....

Susana in Chinatown

Going for a city tour

Hmmm - no comments

Tourist ??

Paula and Susana had 2 full days in Singapore

Paula told me that it was like living in a shopping mall

Saturday Serhiy finally joined me on a mountain bike ride, after having promised me to do so for over 6 months

It was maybe 10 years since his last bike trip and even then it was only a short trip down to the bakery

Halfway and still smiling

And even doing singletracks (as long as they weren't too steep)

Later he told me that his bum hurt .....

At the top of Yeompo - he did it walking as it is pretty steep

The first signs of dpring

Towards the end Serhiy got the hang of it

Saturday afternoon with Ulrik, Karine, Maya, Jonathan and Juliette at Geckos in Busan

Juliette was busy telling methestory of Rapunzel - a very long movie it seemed!

Ulrik and Jonathan - our friends will leave Korea about the same time as we will; about a month from now.

Paula and Jonathan

The staff from Geckos were as always happy to be charmed by Juliette

Sunday volley after s short trip onboard our vessels in the morning

Serving for the game .....