January 25th 2009 - HAIL

January 25th 2009

HAIL concert - Hans Petter's last show !

Today the Lunar New Year started, so we have a few extra days off. We haven't planned any travels as we have just returned from a long trip. We might go play around in the snow, but nothing's settled yet. Might also just relax at home ...

Yesterday we went to the Old Foreigners Concert to see Hans Petter's last concert behind the drums. He will be leaving for Norway tomorrow with no plans to return. The band also sported a new lead singer and new songs, so you can imagine the excitement among the foreigners here !! haha ...! As it was the beginning of the Lunar New Year, the stage was set in the bar. I guess they didn't expect to see that many people many people. But the bar filled up and we had a great night.

Peder, Hans Petter and Paula

Anna and Paula

Hugh and Hans Petter


Below is a video from the concert (it might be a bit slow to load):