September 23rd 2007 - Bollywood

September 23rd 2007

Vandy and Jay Bollywood

Every week a new farewell party !! It seems to be more the rule than the exception these days. This week it was Vandy and Jay from the old compound who threw an early farewell BBQ which at the same time served as a kickoff for the Chusok - the Korean Thanksgiving. Chusok is a big thing here and for the next three days everything will close down as the Koreans spend time with their families. We were thinking about going to Japan, but we were too relaxed with our planning and when we finally got around to looking for tickets out of here, there was nothing available. It's not a big loss though - I'm happy enough to have a few days of homely relaxation. I have plans of going windsurfing one of these days, but the weather has to improve a little before that will happen. If not, I'll just read a book and play with the cat !

I have spent a little time revising the web page. Now I have learned how to embed videos, so this page now includes a video from our farewell party in Malmö and on this page you can see Valerie dancing solo at bill's 60th birthday at the new compound ! The front page has been changed a little as well.

Wednesday Nicola and Vandy had arranged a curry-take-out fund raiser for the orphanage here in Ulsan. Vandy had done about 100 portions of 100% Indian curry, which was then sold to the many bachelors who were tired of eating fried eggs and toast. They did well and collected over US$ 1000 so the orphanage could celebrate Chusok. Paula helped out a little in the kitchen and I went there (the old compound) for moral support after work !

We have been watching all three Crocodile Dundee movies with my colleague Ole these last weeks. They are his favorites and he can't stop laughing just thinking about the movies ! Now he has left on holiday and I will take over his work for a few weeks. It will be nice to get a little away from the main yard. I will be going a bit more often to Busan and probably Onsan (southern part of Ulsan - 50 min drive) almost every day. When Ole comes back it will be with Renata, his girlfriend, so Paula will have her shopping-friend back for some weeks.

Saturday I played squash with the boys at the old compound. I managed to hit myself over the knee, then hit Jay with my racket and to top it off, Ruaraidh (who Paula calls "you" for short!) on the leg with the ball ! We were not convinced that I was still welcome at Vandy and Jay's BBQ that same evening, so we let Paula enter first ! As nobody were on crutches, I took a chance and joined the crowd ... It was a great party ! Today we were invited over to Veronique and Andrew's for Couscous and lamb, so the afternoon was spent with excellent food and good company - what more can you ask for ?

Paula and Daniel in the new café Lime close to our apartment. We went for an almost Danish brunch Saturday.

Here's my colleague Kim pulling out the traffic cone from underneath his car. It's very unfortunate to know your neighbors when you have a bad parking day !

Unfortunately we had a bit of rain at Vandy and Jay's BBQ, though nothing a Scottish BBQ master can't handle !Ruaraidh stuck it out and made sure everybody got their fish and chicken !

The rest of us (the non-Scottish of us) chose to go inside !

After all, this was where the action was taking place ...

The girls performing their Bollywood show!

Check out the moves on the video below ...

Jay and Vandy checking out their present. I don't know all the names, but it is Hans Peter on the left and Peder on the right !!

Jay's mother has been visiting for some weeks now, but will return to India with Vandy this week.

There is quite a Norwegian delegation here at the moment ....

As always multi-national !

At Veronique and Andrew's with Rose and Stephanie. Check out their view !

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