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On this website you may learn what the P. Nielsens are up to. You can find records of our recent travels and visitors as well as (almost) weekly updates of our lives - wherever we may be.

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Back from Malaysia ... again

And not only Malaysia - we have also recently been to the Philippines. Mabul/Sipadan/Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia and Coron in the Philippines. Great holidays which you can read more about under Travels or Korea 2012-2013 to the left

Back from Malaysia

The full story from our lovely family trip to Perhentian islands has been uploaded. Find it under Travels or Korea 2012-2013 to the left.

Korea - again again

We got through 7 months in the real world before returning to our expat bubble ! Winter in Korea

Left Korea - in Sweden, Denmark and Norway

Left Korea for this time but .... will return in January for another stint. But for now we will stay in Scandinavia - mostly in Oslo preparing for the next project in Ulsan.

Back from NC and Vanuatu

Back from a fabulous vacation in the South Pacific/Melanesia, and will be updating the web page with those recent adventures soon. Check it out under Travels or South Korea.

Inge and Family

My sister Inge came to Korea with her family to celebrate X-mas together with us. Unfortunately I was extremely busy with the finishing touches of our first vessel here, but Paula took good care of my family while I was away on Sea Trial. You can read more about their visit under Visitors.

Linda in Korea

Our friend Linda from Malmö Sweden decided to come check out what we were up to. She got herself a surprise .... (because we have not been very active at all - pure work!). You may check out the Music festival, the dinners, the ice creams and the shopping under the Visitor section on the left menu!

Greenland page finally finished

It has taken me a while but now I have finally finished the page covering our trip to Greenland in May. It was an epic trip and I hope the story and photos convey just that. Check it out under Travels.

Returning to Korea

The departure date for our return to Korea has been set to June 16th. We will join a new project with 6 months in Busan and 6 months in Ulsan, building 4 ships in total. Friends and family have already started making plans to come and see us ... book your slot now or miss out !!!! (2010.06.02)

Springtime !!!!

The coming of spring was celebrated with a family reunion at a former beach hotel in Denmark. Read more about our stay at Klithuset under the Sweden chapter.

Earthquake in Chile

Chile has been shook by a very strong earthquake on Feb. 27th. After much anxiety we have discovered all of our family members in good health, although one of Paula's uncles have lost pretty much all material belongings. In the eve of the disaster we are grateful that Mother Earth's fury left our family and friends relatively safe, but grieve the ones who were not so lucky.

Jamie and Colin dropped by

Our semi-Korean friends Jamie and Colin came by for a few days in the February snow. We were just getting used to having them around when they left us again. It's a cruel world! Read about it under Visitors.

Comments now enabled

I have included a small shoutbox on this page. Hopefully it works better than the comments I tried to add (unsuccessfully!). Anyway - IF it works you can use it to post short comments. Or you can just use our Guestbook.... (2010.02.12)

Sweden diary ...

Back from South Korea, we will try to keep you updated on our life here in the far North! Check it out here.

Several changes have occurred recently on this web site - I am to blame for some and Google is to blame for others! It will take me some time to clean up the mess they left, so please bear over with me .... it's a huge job! (2010.01.02)